02 Arena: Applying Davido’s Strategy to Boost Your Business & Career

Davido performing at 02 Arena

The Internet has been abuzz in the last couple of weeks in preparation for the much anticipated for Davido’s 02 Arena in London, the United Kingdom.

And at sunset on Saturday 6th of March 2022, the 20,000 capacity hall was already filled to its brim and overflowing its banks, courtesy David Adeleke with stage name Davido.

He and his team swung into action in January 2019 in 02 Arena and according to them, they sold out. 

And this year, Davido delivered again in a grand style with scintillating music and mind-blowing performances.

Let’s take out some insights from Davido’s successful concert that is still the talk of town and how you can employ some of them into growing your business and career today. 

  1. He Identified Loyalists Who Can Run with Your Vision

Davido has a handful of staff at his beck and call when it comes to his music life. However, one name has been etched in the mind of his 13.1m IG followers and the countless observers on other social media platforms.  Israel Afeare. 

He is so debatably loyal to a vow that he is ready to kiss the ground Davido walks on. No one is asking you to look for those who pay lip service. However, there is always that special staff member that just can’t sell you even for 30 shekels. 

Identify such people who believe in your vision, interpret it at ease and run with it. Keep them at a close range and ensure you don’t take their loyalty for levity. 

2. He Leveraged Media

Social media is arguably an integral tool to growing your business and career in today’s world. 

With Davido having 23.1m followers on IG as of date, he sure took advantage of their attention to his concert with conscious and daily updates.

Check out his Facebook handle, Davido OBO, he has 1.506,311 followers as at date. He has 10.5m followers on Twitter. Over time, his resilience and unbeatable creativity, corporate social responsibility, and some celebrity stunts pulled more like minds his way and scaled his business. 

According to research, there are 230 million professionals using LinkedIn; 70m small businesses are driving more sales on Pinterest. 215m active users are on Twitter and 1.1 billion people are tenaciously using Facebook. And over 1.130m people are persistently on IG. 

Overall, 65 per cent of adults grip social media today. Of all these platforms listed, where can your business be found? 

3. He Know Where His Buyers Are

The London O2 Arena is a well-known venue primarily used for music, concerts, or live performances. A lot of Nigerian and international celebrities have exerted it for their events and had a pool of guests from all over the world. 

Now the Nigerian-American singer, who conflates traditional African elements with global mainstream pop effortlessly, joined the train to make a mileage for himself. 

He didn’t just challenge himself and his career, he said it. He made concerted efforts. And he saw it through. 

4. He Has Zero Space for Procrastination

It is no doubt that the guests’ artistes spinning and thrilled the music lovers live and from the comfort of their homes with many side attractions and scintillating music. 

Today, there are a million and one people who find unsaturated pleasure in procrastination. Josh Billings (the pen name of Henry Wheeler Shaw) warns that “The greatest thief this world has ever produced is procrastination, and he is still at large.” Funny as that may sound, it’s a food for thought. 

Where you slag, another will pick up and sell your dreams. The only asset you may have left is remorse and or guilt. 

For some, their love for fire brigade approach is alarming. When you always dilly-dally your work or projects at the last minute before you take them on, then you’ll always have fire-brigade results. 

5. Davido is Uber Consistent

Let’s take a look at Davido, our model for today’s edition. He has 4,467 posts on his IG handle. 

His page remains active with over 24,412 comments on his posts and about 1m views on videos. Isn’t that interactive enough? 

6. Visual & Visibility

Engage your followers and fans with jaw-dropping images. It is believed that high quality images have the most potential for attracting views, being shared, liked and commented on by visitors and follower. 

Davido’s page is flooded with the highest quality images. It is also a contributing factor that boost your business further on social media platforms.

Which of these insights can you apply to boost your business and career?

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