When next you hear the phrase “the world is a global village”, don’t second guess; just accept it. With an ever increasing online presence, celebrities are closing the chasm by staying in touch with their fans and enthusiasts around the world via instagram. 

Arguably, Instagram is one social media platform that has gained remarkable prominence in strides. It has made it easy for fans to have a glimpse of their favourite personalities on a daily basis. Not just that. If you want to keep up with trends and not feel left out, just get on Insta. 

Now, let’s find out. How curious are you? Is your most revered celebrity lost? You just have to sail with me to find out where they are.


Feels like at the centre of everything good there is always RONALDO. In case you didn’t know, CRISTIANO RONALDO is the most followed human being in the world on Instagram.  

He has a massive followership of 434 million people. That’s wild. Many of us can barely rack up 10,000.

The famous football star and entrepreneur always shares things around his work life, gym and of course his family inclusive. 

KYLIE JENNER (@kyliejenner)

Ever heard of Keeping up with the Kardashians? Kylie Jenner came to limelight via that show. Kylie is the most followed woman on Instagram with 333 million followers just so you know. 

Kylie is a reality mogul and entrepreneur in the field of cosmetics. She shares pictures of everything and anything significant to her.

LIONEL MESSI (@leomessi)

Say whatever you will, however, one thing is clear MESSI is one out of many celebrities that is loved. He has a total of 323 million followers on Instagram. Isn’t that impressive? Really, it’s more than the total population of some countries. 

MESSI often updates his followers with pictures of himself playing football and that of his family, too. At this point, though not many people like sports, they are definitely intrigued by this persona. 

SELENA GOMEZ (@selenagomez)

Girl power really is a thing. SELENA GOMEZ is the most followed actress and musician on Instagram. She has amassed a total of 316 million on the platform. 

Like the aforementioned superstars, she started her career quite early. If you follow her closely, she’s big on mental health and has mastered the art of putting words together. Thus, you can’t help but double tap.


Popularly known as The Rock in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Dwayne Johnson is the fifth most followed person on Instagram with an amazing 312 million followers on Instagram. 

He started his career as a wrestler on WWE  before venturing into acting. He is an actor, commentator, fitness guru, Tequila mogul and great guy with a beautiful smile. And he’s rocking all the titles undeniably well. 

Indeed, he certainly is showing what The Rock is cooking. He’s got vibes unlimited. 

ARIANA GRANDE (@arianagrande)

With a presence so gracious and innocent, Ariana Grande has endeared audiences across the world with her soft personality. 

She is a musician, actor and has her own cosmetic brand. 307 million people from across the world follow Ariana on Instagram. She is entertaining and gives people reasons to stay glued. 

KIM KARDASHIAN (@kimkardashian)

If you’re looking for the real queen of cruise, Kim Kardashian will be number one. She knows how to break the internet with sensational pictures and magazine covers. 

No doubt, she’s just another Kardashian who knows her onion. Like many celebrities, Kim has her own brand and business. 

Today, she has 305 million people as followers on Instagram. That’s humongous! She doesn’t need to do too much, just stay locked, and you’ll be blown away. 

BEYONCE (@beyonce)

Who else if not the Beyhive general herself, Beyonce Knowels? With a loud 253 followers on IG, guess what? She follows nobody. That’s another level of crazy and wild. 

Often, Beyonce posts pictures and clips of her works and performances, with a few of her personal life here and there

KHLOE KARDASHIAN (@khloekardashian)

At this point we need to ask the Kardashians if they can share their secrets with us. Come on! It’s insane how far they’ve come and achieved individually and collectively.  

Khloe, with 237 million followers, is 9th on our list. She is a TV personality and model. At this point words elude me to best describe her. 

Khloe is just another Kardashian doing what a Kardashians does which is to win and attain feats.

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