A Toast to National Employee Appreciation Day 2022

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A Toast to National Employee Appreciation Day 2022

Ever heard of the saying that all work and no appreciation makes Jack an angry bird?

Now you’ve heard.

I mean, gone are the days when employees worked their fingers to bones only to get a glorified handshake and a six-million dollar clap ovation. How motivating is that?

Today, March 4th, marks National Employee Appreciation 2022. This day is observed every first Friday of March. It’s never too late to join the incredible champions across several nations appreciating their employees.

Although it cropped up in the US, it soon spread swiftly like wildfire to other European countries. It’s a warm gesture every employer – regardless the nation – too can adopt. 

Nothing, absolutely nothing, is insignificant when presented as a token to recognise efforts, passion, for dedication and commitment, and hard work.

It was powered by Dr. Bob Nelson (a founding member of Recognition Professionals International) in 1995. Initially, it was to celebrate the publication of his book called 1,001 Ways to Reward Employees. 

Though the holiday continues to gain momentum in the US and abroad, Employee Appreciation Day affords managers, company leadership, and HR to remember the value of appreciating employees.

Need some tips on how to mark Employee Appreciation Day?

Sit back with a glass of red wine in hand, and a bar of chocolate on your palette as we take this ride. 


● Get everyone together to share some quality time engaged in activities outside the regular work duties. Do something exciting and engaging. 

● Monetary recognition is also a good way of exhibiting gratitude. 

● Buy gift cards with words personally engraved by you. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. The gesture and the manner it is shown is all that matters.

● You can treat your employees to a spa/self care package, if you  can afford to. And allow them close unusually early on this day. 

● Encourage employees to make merry with each other. Exchange of gifts is a laudable act.

● If all this looks too much for your budget, writing a special note and sending it to a common group will go a long way.


● It Enhances Productivity

When employee feels valued, their motivation blows up the roof. They get more engaged with their jobs and are more likely to go above and beyond  for their organisation. 

Being acknowledged for a job well-done is a simple but effective way to make employees feel their input is greatly noticed. Which now makes them invest themselves wholly in your company.

Recognised employees are happy employees and they’ll  go the extra mile for their companies and can significantly increase the profitability of the business.

● Builds Reputation for Your Company 

When your employees leave the office for their homes or hangout spot, they will be asked by their friends, family and potential clients about their work. Here’s the catch. The possibility they will brim with joy as they express their feelings without trying too hard will be obvious. If your employees are happy and well-appreciated, these will manifest in their speech and actions.

● Encourages Employee Retention

It’s just a fact of life. People will stay where they feel recognised. Appreciating the effort of an employee tightens their connectedness to your organisation and its objective, giving them as well a sense of purpose. 

Employees often cites a lack of recognition as the chief reason for leaving their companies.

You don’t want to lose your best minds, kindly do the needful. Let them know each of their individual and collective efforts will be honoured. 

● Promotes Healthy Teamwork

Employees who feel valued, will also cherish their coworkers and will most likely collaborate than those who don’t feel their contributions matter and who don’t trust and respect their colleagues. 

It drives happiness, strengthens the team atmosphere you’re trying to cultivate, and champions a positive work culture. 

Even research shows that when employees receive accolades, feel engaged, valued more and appreciated, they perform better, happier, stay longer at their jobs, and have increased loyalty to their employers

Appreciation is like an oil that keeps the flame burning, and lubricates the engine. Keep the ball rolling. Try to give employees their roses and a city paved in gold for their grit,dedication and hard work. 

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