Africa Emotional Intelligence Conference Holds 3rd Edition May 27

The third edition of the Africa Emotional Intelligence Conference (AEIC) is billed to be held virtually on May 27 and 28 this year.

Participants are encouraged to register for the free conference by clicking on

In a media statement made exclusively available to The Peak Performer Africa, Enahoro Okah, Convener of the Conference said “the benefit of the conference is beyond exposing and equipping participants with the emotional intelligence skills, competencies and models they need to be resilient, optimistic, empathetic, and purposeful in their careers and endeavors.

The statement read in part, “As the complexities of our present world continue to increasingly intensify, technical data alone cannot suffice for the potency of the data we require to make a potent business decision.

“What people feel and how they utilise their feeling in various aspects of business has become extremely crucial and will continue to be a critical success factor for businesses.”

The host recalled that over the last two years, the world has come to realise that the emotion that people feel is now significant data for organisational analysis.

While noting that most people are used to analysing financial data, operations data, audit data and more, Pause Factory argued that they neglect emotional data. 

It added: “When you don’t analyse Emotional Data, you only have a part of the entire data, and with incomplete data you would make suboptimal decisions.”

During the 2022 Africa Emotional Intelligence Conference, participants will be learning how to harness emotional data for personal and organisational growth.

The conference promises to have experts and industry leaders around the world and Africa in the biggest Emotional Intelligence Conference for Corporate Africa. 

They will explore the latest research, breakthrough tools, case studies and best emotional intelligence applications that increase personal and organisational vitality.

Some of the topics are: Harnessing the Power of Sales Emotional Data for Improving Sales Numbers; Harnessing the power of Leadership Emotional Data for Leadership Influence; Harnessing the power of Change Emotional Data for Improving Change; and Harnessing Emotional Intelligence Data for an Empowered Life. 

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