How Will AI Takeover Affect Your Job? (Expert Advice)

Concerned about an AI takeover in the future? Read this post to find out if your fears are unguided or if you truly have legitimate reasons to be worried over a robot taking over your job.

With the continuously mind-blowing advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence, it is no surprise that many sleep with the fear that robots will, one day, take over their jobs.

In fact, like most of us, you have probably imagined an era when cyborgs and humanoids will be the doorman, the receptionist in the hallway, the cook at the restaurant, or the cashier at the store. 

However, research has shown that this future of work we imagine may be nothing like what will happen.

Indeed, AI will cause job disruptions in some careers and professions. But the majority of these careers will be monotonous jobs that either have a high risk level or require little emotional intelligence

By having AI take over jobs like these, people can focus their attention on more complex and productive work. They also have the time to rest and relax with loved ones.

Still, if you are concerned about whether robots will one day render you jobless, check out the 10 jobs AI is most likely to take over in the coming years.

What types of jobs will AI take over?

How AI takeover might affect existing jobs
Find out if your job could be taken over by robots in the future

According to experts, the types of jobs AI is most likely to replace in the future are those that require doing the same thing over and over again with little or no creativity and those that are physically taxing. [Tweet that]

Here are ten jobs that AI may replace in the future.

1. Customer service jobs are first on the list for AI takeover

Experts believe that the customer service industry is one of the first jobs that robots will take over in the future.

The use of chatbots by companies to provide automatic answers to customers’ inquiries is an instance of this gradual takeover.

However, whether a total takeover of this industry is possible remains to be seen. This is because there are complex aspects of customer service that require a high level of emotional intelligence and the human touch. 

2. Receptionists’ jobs are on the line

Artificial intelligence is already supplanting human receptionists in many businesses that do not require physical appointments. 

Everything a human receptionist can do; greeting clients; taking and returning calls; setting up appointments; and more, is being accomplished by automated phone, scheduling, and touchscreen systems.

This has especially become more prevalent in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic which practically redefined the way we relate and connect.

3. Bookkeeping jobs are already being taken over by robots

This industry is believed to have a high risk rate when it comes to AI takeover.

Already, only a few companies today still employ people to keep a record of their business transactions. 

Many companies are already making use of accounting software like FreshBooks, and Quickbooks for their bookkeeping procedures. 

By deploying AI this way and in similar roles, organizations can guarantee accurate data collection, storage, and analysis with no place for human error.

4. Factory worker’s job is next in line for an AI takeover

Factory jobs are routine work and can be very dangerous and tasking.

Hence, it is no surprise that robots are already replacing humans in this industry, a trend that will undoubtedly continue in the future.

As robots are generally made from raw steel, aluminum, and iron, they should be able to do factory jobs in manufacturing and construction with ease and without fear of getting hurt.

5. Pharmaceutical drugs manufacturing jobs have already been taken over by robots

This is another industry that AI has already taken over.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies have replaced human employees with machines that can carry out the manufacturing work properly, accurately, and faster.

Experts believe that a time is coming in this industry when robots will collaborate with experts in pharmaceutical labs.

This collaboration will ensure that no human life is in danger, thus creating a safer working environment.

6. Sales jobs may not be left out of the AI takeover

There are already automated self-checkout systems that have taken over the role of salespeople.

However, this is nothing like what is perceived to happen in the future when robots will control all the roles in retail service.

In that era, a full understanding of customers’ shopping habits will enable accurate suggestions of the right products to consumers based on their previous purchase decisions.

This will be facilitated by the ability of robots to store a large amount of information.

7. Proofreading jobs are gradually being taken over by robots

If you are familiar with tools like Grammarly, Quetext, and Quillbot, you should find it easy to see why human proofreaders may no longer be needed in the near future. 

In fact, chances are that you have, at one time or another, utilized proofreading software to verify your grammar, punctuation, and spelling. 

In the coming years, these programs will undoubtedly advance to become much more beneficial and precise.

8. Security guard and soldier jobs are not exempted from the AI takeover

With the high level of risk that accompanies these jobs, it is no wonder that it is an industry that will be taken over by robots in the future.

Corporations like Hexagon, Knightscope, and Gamma2 Robotics are already developing robot security software and autonomous robots. These autonomous robots can patrol a facility at any time for a particular number of hours dependent on their battery power.

9. Fast food staff

Certain fast food establishments already operate an automated system for taking customer orders. A time may come when robots will take orders, prepare the meals, and then deliver them.

10. Drivers

In the future, self-driving cars, which already exist, might replace drivers. The fear of being driven by a computer may prevail at first, but it will ultimately go away.

Jobs that are not subject to AI takeover in the future

Event planners

Robots cannot be event planners. This is because event planning requires a high degree of creativity, innovation, and organization, which must be adaptable to the demands and requirements of each client.


Robot lawyers are not something we will be seeing soon.

This is because lawyers need certain skills AI cannot learn, for example, an ability to put together a compelling case; an ability to manipulate facts; an ability to interpret the law in your client’s favor, and other skills that require human faculties.


Robots can assist scientists during experiments, but they cannot replace them. 

As technology has done, experts believe AI will give more than it will take as it will create millions of new jobs in new sectors.

So, unlike what the media has portrayed, you may not need to worry about robots stealing your job or worse, snatching your wife!

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