Are You in Love with A Career-Driven Woman?

She is a perfect blend of head and heart, an epitome of beauty with brains, a connoisseur of style and class. A woman of passion, power and purpose.  A woman devoted to her profession and her course, ensuring she achieves peak performance in strides with aplomb. These were the distinct qualities Akin looked out for in the woman he would go into a relationship with.

Now that he has his manifesto for relationship material, he began his hunt even though he often wondered where he could find such a fairytale woman. 

But then, just like Akin, anyone willing to take such a route needs some tips to brace you up for a successful ride without biting his fingers. Here are some:


Act independently in thoughts and actions with confidence. There’s something about a woman that wants you but doesn’t need you. She can do things for herself or at the very least get people to do it for her.

Don’t forget she meets people at the very top of the marketplace everyday. So the confidence you exude is attractive to her. Knowing you’ve got your own thing and you hold your ground well is a plus. 

The moment the entirety of your world starts to revolve around her, you lose your place in her life. If you’re planning to be needy, shake it off. It won’t work. 


Relationships are not a game of chess. If you have anything to say just say it. Displeasure,ideas, grievances, even the things you admire should be said out loud. It will help to connect with her deeply and earn her respect.

Career-driven women love to have healthy and open communication. They appreciate men who can actually speak their heart out and resolve conflicts in a healthy and respectful manner by communicating with them. 

She’s not a mind reader! Honestly, it is exhausting wanting her to be a chiromancer. She spends the most of her day connecting the dots and solving problems in the business world and the one person she just wants to nestle next to is playing mind games. Trust me, you’ll lose – both of you. 


She is driven, not invincible. Strong, not unbreakable. She may not wear her emotions on her face. Her voice may not break, however, if you pay attention long enough you’ll realise the things unsaid and the vulnerability not expressed.

Driven women are not a wall of bricks but humans breaking the status quo of social constructs. They fail, cry, laugh, and smile. They make mistakes, and sometimes become confused. Pay close attention so you’ll notice these moments and be there for her. Be her cheerleader  and you will undoubtedly connect in every way.

Sometimes she just wants someone to listen. Like every other human being she  has imperfections and flaws,limitations and faults. Just be attentive. 


At this juncture, you’re probably thinking what can I do that she can’t do for herself or give that she can’t afford? Here’s the catch: someone like this is not fazed by material things rather it is the thoughtfulness and intentions that counts.

So, instead of giving her extravagant gifts, or breaking the bank, be creative. Why not a love note or write her a song regardless of how croaky your voice sounds.

Whip her a meal but be mindful of salt and pepper you don’t want to ruin the moment. You can also plan an outing to landmark areas or somewhere serene, beautiful and quiet. 

What about dinner in the house with candles, petals and a bottle of LA FLEUR AMOUR MERLOT or any good wine will do.

They sound archaic but these little gestures, though inexpensive bang the loudest because of the intentionality behind them. 


Be a lover and a friend indeed. Be someone she can talk to, share ideas with, laugh with and even seek opinion from.

She would be happy with the fact that you’re not intimidated by her and she can have any form of conversation with you. It can be about finance, politics, society, technology and so on. Even the dumbest of things sometimes at this point you’ve become her gist buddy. 

Apply these few tips to tighten your game and thank us at The Champions Tribe later.

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