Atiku Brought Obi Into National Politics – Dino Melaye

A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and former senator, Dino Melaye, stated that his party’s presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar brought the Labour Party’s presidential standard bearer, Peter Obi into national politics.

He also claimed that Atiku discovered all the reformers that emerged in Nigeria from 1999 to date.

The senator divulged this at an event organised by a women’s political group, Diamond Ladies in Politics, in Abuja over the weekend.

Melaye said: “Obi is a fantastic Nigerian, but he was not known nationally until Atiku identified him. Atiku is a talent hunter. Everyone who was a reformer in this country from 1999 till date was a discovery of Atiku.

“Atiku discovered Obi before keyboard warriors discovered Obi. Unfortunately, elections are not going to take place on social media. It is going to take place at the polling units. And those that would vote are the people here. So it is now operation votes must count.”

The former Kogi senator rated Atiku as the best among all the candidates. “Unfortunately, both of them are very wealthy, but there is a difference. Atiku is a billionaire with enterprise, while Tinubu is a billionaire without enterprise.

“He has a history of a physical business in agriculture, education, oil and gas, media, manufacturing, and banking,” Melaye said.

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