Buhari Leaves For Liberia To Lecture On Security, Rule Of Law

The President, Muhammadu Buhari, Tuesday, departed Abuja for Monrovia, Liberia to, among other things, deliver a lecture on West Africa’s security, free and fair elections and respect for rule of law.

He, alongside other African leaders, will join Liberia to mark a special independence anniversary to commemorate 175 years of self-rule; making it the oldest independent post-colonial African State.

The presidency disclosed these in a statement signed late Monday by the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, titled “The significance of President Buhari’s visit to Liberia”.

The announcement has elicited mixed reactions from Nigerians sequel to the myriad of security challenges plaguing the nation. 

However, Shehu explained, “The trip signifies the importance attached to the security and wellbeing of Liberia and the rest of West Africa.

“On this day, Liberia marks a Special Independence anniversary, commemorating 175 years of self-rule, with the country being the oldest independent post-colonial African State.”

According to the president, good governance. “President Buhari is the Special Guest of Honour at the celebration and will deliver an address. The trip to Liberia comes at a time when political instability and the return of coup d’état have upended two to three decades of democratic order in the sub-region.

“Liberia, Sierra-Leone along with Nigeria are going into elections in 2023 and President Buhari is expected to emphasize to them the importance of free, fair and credible elections.”

In his address, the president is expected to harp on the significance of the respect for rule of law rule throughout the sub-region; without rule of Law and constitutional rule, there cannot be security, peace and development.

Shehu added: “Peace and security of Liberia (and Sierra-Leone) is important to Nigeria given the enormous investments in men, material and resources expended by this country to secure the two states.

“Without the leadership of Nigeria in the context of ECOWAS to secure these two, there would not have been Liberia on the map in its present configuration today.

“Bilaterally, Nigeria and Liberia may bring to the table issues of cross-border terrorism, bolstering defense and trade ties. The warmth of the relationship and personal chemistry between President Buhari and George Weah of Liberia is no less significant and will play a key role in the events of tomorrow.”

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