Career Workshop: US Consulate, Dr. Abiola Salami Partnership Empowers Lekki Youths

…Warns against social media addiction

Dr. Abiola Salami, the Worldclass Peak Performance Strategist, has collaborated with the US Consulate in Lagos to empower youths in the Lekki area of the state with career skills, aiming to steer them toward positive employment opportunities.

This initiative is part of the award winning author’s commitment to inspiring and supporting Nigerian youths to become active contributors to society, thereby breaking the cycle of crime, unemployment, and underemployment.

The workshop provided a platform to address potential habits that may impede young people from attaining their desired goals.

Dr. Abiola Salami, the Convener of Dr. Abiola Salami International Leadership Bootcamp (DASIL) and The Peak Performer Recognition, warned against excessive social media use which leads to addiction, emphasising the potential for a significant personal and career impact.

He clarified that he is not against social activities but cautioned against spending productive time on inconsequential social media activities like scrolling through irrelevant posts, commenting, or giving unsolicited advice, which can lead to unnecessary conflicts and missed opportunities.

Dr. Salami’s advice highlights the importance of investing time in self-improvement and career development rather than excessive social media use.

This emphasis on prioritising personal and professional growth aligns with the principles of effective time management and goal achievement.

Dr. Salami, a member of the Forbes Coaching Council, emphasised the importance of cultivating high-quality behaviours and relationships to achieve one’s goals in 2024 and beyond.

He advised individuals with a hunger for growth to focus on developing high-quality behaviours, engaging in meaningful conversations, mastering executive presence, and nurturing emotional intelligence.

Salami’s approach is aimed at propelling entrepreneurs and career professionals to attain a higher level of performance this year.

On his part, the American Centre Director, US Consulate General, Samuel Eyitayo, encouraged participants to harness the opportunity offered. In his words “the US Mission cares about the future of young people in Nigeria and that is why we are working with Dr. Abiola Salami, one of the best thought leaders in the area of Career and Enterprise Development to empower young people here today.” This comes as Salami acknowledged the support of the America Space Lekki.

Meanwhile, with more young people across the nation seeking to be a part of the experience, Salami has promised to work with the US Mission to possibly host the workshop across the country.

While the partnership hopes to explore that possibility, Dr. Salami mentioned that all the young people in attendance will get an automatic seat at the Marketplace Readiness Summit holding during The Peak Performer Recognition 2024 (TPP2024) from April 26th to 27th this year. 

TPP2024 is scheduled to hold from 26-27th April with 3 segments starting with a full day Marketplace Performance Summit on April 26th dedicated to equipping career professionals and entrepreneurs across different industries and generations with the relevant skills and tools for driving peak performance in their industries. This will host alumni of Made4More Accelerator Program 2023/2024 to a premium graduation ceremony.

The second is the Marketplace Readiness Summit which is a morning session designed to position undergraduates, corps members and other young people for exciting opportunities in the marketplace. The Peak Performer Recognition Dinner & Awards is the crescendo of the 2-day event where we will recognize Top CEOs driving a culture of peak performance in Africa.

This event is seeking CEOs in both private and public sector organisations across Africa. And the experience promises to be rewarding.

For nomination and registration, Career Professionals and Entrepreneurs can visit to nominate a CEO and register to attend the program.

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