Cristiano Ronaldo: A Man On A Mission

Cristiano Rolando

Cristiano Ronaldo is undeniably a man on a mission. There is a saying that a boy with a dream becomes the man living the dream. Ronaldo is revered as a man that gives hope not just to himself but the people around him as well. 

Indeed, he’s an epitome of “If you believe you can and work towards becoming it, everything around you will emerge in perfect harmony to work for you”.


At the age of 12, Ronaldo left home. No, he wasn’t a prodigal son. He left with rays of hope, a basketful of dreams, his naked love for the game, and the hard work he puts in everyday. He was distinctly compassionate and passionate about football. All of these reflected in his style of play and dedication to the sport.

For the father of two, football is an art and every top artist wouldn’t appreciate it if his work is a replica of another artist. So they do things exceptionally well, creating something that will leave a footprint in the sand of time. 

Like many out there, he was from an indigent home. He had an alcoholic father, shared a room with his siblings and could have been aborted due to financial constraints. Amid all of these, he didn’t let his background put his back on the ground.


He worked relentlessly on the pitch. Alone in Lisbon, a boy with no money, no family or friends, he begged for leftovers from McDonald’s. He didn’t let this experience water down his belief and strength to forge ahead. With everything occurring about him, his inner drive was enough to help him get through the line.  

Earlier on, he had heart issues that could have made him wave football goodbye. Thankfully, the surgery went well. He was back at it; doing what he loved and believed was his path to success. 

Today, he is the Cristiano Ronaldo you love. He’s the multiple award-winning football heavyweight champion breaking and making records. He has been at the top for the past 15 years of his career. Even at the age of 37 he still is at the top. 


Meanwhile, did you know that he failed at school? That didn’t deter him. He forged ahead, decided to focus on football. He was convinced that if he gave it his all, it would in return give him what he wants – affluence, opulence, fame and a lot more.

Undoubtedly, it just shows that it’s not enough to know what you know. You have to seek for more. Go beyond the finish line, exceed the tipping point and do it like no other. 

You are where you are thinking “everything is designed to work against you – no money, no affluent family member to aid your pursuit. You’re all alone in this cold, cruel world”. 

Here’s the catch. If you can conceive it, you can achieve it. And the price you pay for staying where you feel miserable is a lot worse than what you pay to attain that dream.

Truly, getting to the top is difficult; remaining there is much more difficult. You have to choose your path and take responsibility for your action and inaction. 

No, you didn’t choose to be a role model. However, by virtue of your position and status, you’ll have the capacity to affect people’s lives. You’ll become the movie society watches and the music the people listen to.


Ronaldo has taken being a celebrity to a different height. He’s involved in philanthropic activities, changing the lives of people around the world. Still he is aiming for more. Guess what? The footballers, singers, artistes, and youngsters that regard him as an idol are also on the path to success. Some of them even incorporate his lifestyle, even his haircut, into their daily lives.  


There’s the belief that a man must be attached to one thing. In the case of Ronaldo, it’s not up for debate. He neither drinks alcohol not smoke. He has zero wild life. Just a man doing what he can to be better as a human being. 

Indeed i’s one thing to have success, it’s another to be a good influence. Compared to what is obtainable out there, celebrities getting drunk and living on the edge. Some even say “I didn’t ask anyone to make me a role model’. And this, of course, many social media users chorus religiously. 

Believe it or not. People are more likely to imitate you directly or indirectly if they admire you.

Like CRISTIANO RONALDO, you too can achieve the unthinkable and push above your weight. This way, you’ll be simultaneously leading a life worth emulating. 

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