Cultivating High Quality Relationship 4 High Quality Results

People Can Fastrack or Frustrate Your Performance.

If you want to achieve peak performance, it is important to equip everyone in your organization with the basic skills for cultivating win-win relationships in their interaction with the different stakeholders.

On Saturday 15.04.2023, we will give You & Your Team the blueprint for Cultivating High Quality Relationships for Peak Performance.

The session will provide you with insights on:

(1) How to Gain More Support from Your Peers

(2) How to Convert Prospects to Paying Customers

(3) How to Retain More Customers 

(4) How to Get Opportunities from Your Boss

(5) How to Earn Loyalty of Your Team Members

(6) How to Inspire High Performance In Your Team

(7) How to Develop Rewarding Relationships with Friends & Family

You will also get:

A. High quality training materials

B. Intercontinental meals – tea break  & lunch

C. Access to engage Dr. Abiola Salami 

D. Lifetime nuggets to attract over N100 Million within 18 months post-session. 

E. Discounted offer on TPP Woman of The Year in June 2023 & Dr. Abiola Salami International Leadership BootCamp in September 2023.

Registration Details

Registration Fee – N165,000.00 N123,750.00

Bank Details – AbiolaChamp Enterprises | StanbicIBTC | 0033726556

Send proof of payment to


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