GIGM Appoints Enahoro Okhae CEO

Enahoro Okhae

Africa’s foremost tech-enabled mobility company, GIG Mobility (GIGM), has appointed Enahoro Okhae as its new Chief Executive Officer.

This comes as the firm expanded its leadership team to run its West-African operations.

Enahoro, who has 16 years of senior leadership experience, will now paddle the affairs of the company, going forward.

Speaking on the new appointment, the CEO Greatman Legend, Chidi Ajaere, commended Okhae for his unquantifiable experience.

Ajaere added that the new CEO will drive value for all stakeholders through his leadership and initiatives.

“I believe that GIGM is ready to move from its founders, and engage in actionable steps to strengthen our goal to provide innovative and disruptive products.” He continued that building an empowered and efficient workforce is something we are committed to at GIGM.

Greatman Legend CEO expressed further: “I am delighted that we were able to get him to embrace the long-term vision of GIGM as he takes on this new role.”

Accepting the new role, Okhae reiterated the company’s stand to always use technology to maintain its position as an industry leader.

According to him, the digital age is primarily characterised by customer-first features with crucial attention paid to customized services.

“This new dispensation will focus on implementing future-proof business strategies while integrating more lifestyle features into the GIGM application enabling users to do things freely while moving freely,” Enahoro said.

On his vision for GIGM, he highlighted, “Mobility is beyond movement; it is about the ability to move easily and unhindered irrespective of the channel; land, rail, water, air or virtual/augmented reality. While moving freely, people should also be able to do things freely.

“This is the new renaissance of GIGM and the bedrock upon which we will embed more lifestyle features in the existing customer app.”

Enahoro also stated that GIGM is executing plans to increase the company’s value, offerings and reach.

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