How Gentlemen Can Rock Accessories

Accessories aren’t for one gender, you know. They are generally a great way to spice up your outfit with a little something extra. They can add a subtle pop of colour, texture and pattern, and sometimes no amount of classic staples will do. 

You will agree. Accessory styling is also a great way to get a little creative with your dress style. Truth is while also adding some much-needed poise to your personality, sometimes you’re unsure how to pull off accessories. 

Now, you must understand that as a gentleman, you have to dress for the occasion. You don’t want to come off looking too loud or under-dressed; this is where colour comes in. 

For corporate events, your suits speak volumes; preferably, stick to navy blue, black or gray or brown. Notwithstanding, for informal events, throwing in a variety of colours would make you stand out. Just don’t over do it.

However, getting the right colour is the easy part for most men as getting the right accessory to match the outfits could be quite taxing. Here are a few tips that could help out:


One of the things that make your outfit pop is your watch. Gentlemen are identified through their wristwatches. Be sure to not wear something too big or too colorful. When your watch is too big and it pops out of your cuff, it could place too much focus on your wrists and disfigure how your outfit actually looks. 

A slim looking leather watch with black or brown strap will go well with any colour of clothing. You would do well to not wear a brown leather watch with a black leather shoe.


Agreeably, a lapel pin brings a dash of old-world suave to a modern suit. Your lapel pin should be a subtle enhancement that expresses your personal style without distracting or detracting from the overall ensemble (in other words, it should not be too big).

Long-stem lapel pins, without a doubt, are a popular modern variation that are fastened with a stick pin attachment. They are fashioned into all manner of decorative metallic designs: geometric shapes, arrows, instruments or even symbols.

A ’boutonniere’ is a formal lapel accessory made with a live flower. Modern lapel faux flowers can also be fashioned from fabrics like wool or silk. 

Notwithstanding, it is not recommended to wear a boutonniere to the office. Save this suit accessory for formal celebratory occasions like weddings, parties and the likes.

Badge pins are another variation often styled to indicate affiliation with something, like a national flag, a family crest, or a company logo. Wear your pin of choice through the buttonhole on your left lapel. 

Now, if your jacket is void of buttonhole, pin it directly through the fabric. You can also position it higher than your pocket or pocket square at an angle that matches the angle of the lapel.


This men’s suit accessory may seem like a no-brainer. Yeah! We don’t need to sell you on the necessity of a good necktie collection. Between choosing the colour, the fabric, the width, the knot, and the shirt pairing, your tie offers a wide range of opportunities to customise your look alongside a dress shirt and suit.

Plus, considering you’re already expected to wear a tie in so many settings, this may be the single easiest way to flex your accessorising chops.

You should know. There are several ties that are best suited for specific events. While a bow tie or an ascot tie could pass for a corporate dinner, a skinny or a four-in-hand necktie would be most preferred in a more regular setting.


When last did you rock a pair of suspenders? Or have you ever adorn your outfit with a pair? Think about it. Are you looking for a reason to skip that belt? Suspenders are also known as suit braces. They are long strips of fabric worn over your shoulders to hold up your trousers. 

Suspenders are a great option that is making a serious comeback amongst men — for a good reason too.  

Steve Urkel, the fictional character in American TV series Family Matters, may have made suspenders a symbol of 90s nerdiness. In the pantheon of suit accessories for men, suit braces are also a classic and classy choice, provided you know what you’re doing.

Here are some factors to consider  as you add this awesome accessory to your collection:

  •  The shape (Y for more formal occasions, X for more casual occasions).
  • The fastener (button or clip, more formal and less formal respectively).
  • The width of the straps (thin for a trendy look, thicker for more conservative contexts).

Coordinate the colour of the straps with the colors of your shirt and tie, since they’ll be viewed together as one pastiche if you remove your jacket. Meaning, don’t wear the same suspender colour as your shirt, as they’ll blend negatively together instead of create contrast.


Last but certainly not least, for refined flair, you can’t go wrong with a nip of breath in your breast pocket. A pocket square is a wonderfully versatile suit accessory for men who love to make a striking statement of their personality to their suits and blazers. A jacket seems quite naked without, at least, a simple white pocket square.

A pocket square should, impressively, add interest via colours and/or pattern, as well as the style of the fold. It can either coordinate or contrast with the rest of your look. Still the overall impression should always be as harmonious as the vocals of Witney Houston and Mariah Carey.  

Strive for balance here. A strongly patterned suit calls for a toned down pocket square. And a solid neutral suit is an opportunity to go bold with the pocket square.

Interestingly, for black tie events (pocket squares are a must with your tuxedo). It should always be white and made of silk. As much as it looks like a handkerchief, its sole purpose is to beautify your jacket and not to wipe your sweat. Moreso, don’t you dare use a pocket square to blow your nose, it’s not meant to be a tissue.


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