How To Know for Sure It’s An Authentic Investment Platform

The fear of losing money or other valuable assets has driven many people on a quest to recognise real investment platforms.

With more and more people getting swindled on fictitious investments by the day, it has become paramount that investment platforms get to pass the litmus test before you put in your money or make a pledge.

The following ways will guide you to recognise real investment platforms.


The return of investment remains one of the most engaging manners to recognise a real investment platform. 

Any investment that offers to give you 50 per cent of your investment in the first three months is one that you should be mindful of.

Many fraudulent investments have used this antics to lure and rip-off people successfully. 

There are no investments that can give you back 50 per cent of your input without defrauding another investment. It’s just about robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Return of investment is the clear sign that distinguishes real investments from the shady and fraudulent ones.

Also, it is safe to point out that any investment that feeds your greed is one that you should be wary of.

To identify real investment platforms, be on the lookout for the ones that are not giving away bloated figures all in the bid to get investors.


There must be an atom of durability when it comes to investment platforms. This means that the platform did not pop out of nowhere.

There should be some kind of track record or paper trail that shows the platform has displayed dedication, dexterity and consistency in its transactions.

Durability gives investment platforms the edge. It shows their journey, track record, projections for the future, their success and failure alongside their results.

To recognise a real investment platform is to look at ones that have stood the test of time, and are navigating their way throughout the turbulence.

They are the ones whose actions (not words alone) show that they are here for the long haul.


Who is the founder of the investment platform you wish to transact with? Or better still, who are the founders? Have you carried out due diligence to know these people?

Do you know the board of directors? Do these people have a respected public image?

Are they known to walk their talk and hold up to their part of the bargain?

For you to discern the real investment platforms, you should  look out for the founders and people who are making the key decisions.

An investment platform with a founder who is known for a shady or questionable past is a platform you should be mindful of.

If the founder of the platform has been involved in questionable deals in the past, you should think twice before having anything to do with such an organisation.


To transact with any investment platform, you really should look at their online and offline presence. This does not usually pay off all the time, but it is always a good start. 

An investment platform of questionable means will never like to take their transactions online.

This is because they are well aware that once they do so, people will call them out and they will be ultimately exposed.

Any investment platform without any form of online presence is one you really should be cautious about.

At the same time, you also need to check out the offline presence of investment platforms.

If possible, walk into their business premises. Ask questions, look around and make your observations.

It is wonderful to have an engaging online presence, but it is awesome to have a formidable offline presence.


Ask people around if they have heard about any investment platform you wish to transact with.

Anyone that many people have not heard about is a red flag. What it means is that they have been working in secrecy, and that is never a good sign.

It is also essential to ask, because it is at that point you will get to know people’s experience or past dealings with such an organisation.

Never make the mistake of joining an investment platform without first enquiring and getting the opinions of people about such an organisation.

If you can, try and ask people in the investment circle if they have come across the name of the investment platform you wish to conduct business with.

This you can do by sending messages online or even taking them out for lunch. These are professionals in the field of investment, and so they stand a better chance to guide you and give you the necessary go-ahead.


One of the ways to spot a credible investment platform is one that is niched. They are the ones who are not trying to do everything and be everything.

Instead, they are the ones who have pitched their tent in some areas and they, over time, build capacity in those areas.

An investment platform that is into everything and anything is not recommended at all.

Instead, go for the ones that have specific areas of focus.

These areas could be around stock, real estate, mutual funds, tech or even agriculture

  1. So what can we say about the Ovaiza ponzi scheme that just burst. How come she was able to convince people to invest so much?

  2. Love this precise, honest and objective analysis . 👌

    This is a sure guide considering the numerous investment platforms that abound, with people being hurt financially on a daily basis.

    Thanks 👍

  3. Noted… But the last that scam me was said to be based in Singapore, how will I access their board of directors? Their name is ICP, and it was a notable Nigerian that introduced it to me.

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