How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

Is it getting so tough you’re beginning to cast doubts like confetti? The stress and strain pulling you apart makes your heart pang rhythmically. You’re starting to ponder how much of this you could take? And the thoughts of some discouraging posts on Instagram won’t stop racing through your mind.

The thought of caring deeply about someone and not having them next to you could be sometimes draining. It constantly hits the strings of your heart with reckless abandon. You see them regularly in your thoughts and dreams except in reality.

The little smooches, hugs and cuddles, holding hands while you walk down the street as the wind grazes your skin and ripples through your clothes. What about the impromptu night out, coffee dates et al? They are all affordable luxuries in a long distance relationship.

Regardless of its constraints, there are different ways to make long distance relationships work. 

Check out a few tips here and there, chatting and video calls at your disposal, staying in touch with that special person will be easier.


For whatever reason your partner is away, you have to be intentional and purposeful about your communication for your relationship to soar. 

To start with, you both will have to decide how often you want to communicate, the mode and time of communication accompanied by the daily instant messaging and calls just to remain connected emotionally and mentally. While discussing what works with each other is key, the longevity of the conversation is paramount as well.

You also have to consider that your partner’s schedule will definitely be different from yours. So having a specific time assigned to you and yours helps both parties to go about their day with that in mind. 

You have to make this scheduling a priority as you would an appointment with your boss. Don’t take this for granted. You can be close though far away. 

Ensure proper communication and effective listening skills. 


Emotions and thoughts of doubts, jealousy and distrust tend to linger in the minds of couples in a long distance relationship.  

Questions like what is he up to? Who is that guy that stood next to her in that photograph? How is she spending her time? Just so you know, a love that’s true and quintessential harbours no fear, for there is no fear of love.

You only know what’s in your heart. No one else does. However, they can connect with the energy you emit there by creating a unifying synergy. 

Simply let your partner in on what you love about them. This is as reassuring as the sky is to the sun. 

Phrases like, “I like the way you smile”. “I’m entranced by how you think”, “Your intelligence and self awareness is mesmerising”. Really, anything at all just be sincere. Express how you feel, live in the moment for it is all that we’ve got.

More significantly, say the things about your relationship that captivates you – the effort you both put in to make things work.


After all is said and done you need to create time just for you. The video calls, text and audio calls can only do as much. It’s like cooking without salt; it just won’t taste great. So if you want that taste that’ll hit your palette as your savour every bite, make time out to see.

When you can’t spend time physically together most times, the time you get to spend together becomes everything – priceless. And that, my dear, is golden. Nothing beats seeing the one you care about in person. Your heart flips and flies. Just like that.

Beyond the physical bonding between you and your partner, the great thing about a long-distance relationship is that it strengthens your bond.

This may sound obnoxious. The world has almost gone virtual. Meetings are adopting zoom and other social media platforms. If all of these can work and last, why not employ the same muscle into making your affair work?

It also fosters your trust level alongside communication and commitment. The most beautiful and pleasant part will be after staying true to each other you finally find yourself in each other’s arms. That rush of feeling will reignite your candle of love all over. It’s a beautiful feeling. 


Are you in or out? Just like any other relationship, long distance affairs have got its don’ts, too. 

Don’t compare your relationship with other people’s; avoid being intimate with someone else; spice it up to avoid boredom.

The truth is. Everything is possible if you consciously work towards it. Just involve yourself in the moment; cherish it as you do the music in your soul. And a beautiful long distance relationship becomes yours. 

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