How To Maximise This Holiday

We all love holidays and holidays sure love us. What can alter that feeling? Unlike the almighty much anticipated ‘end-of-year’ holiday that merges the Christmas and New Year celebrations, we seldom ever have pre-planned activities for the kind of holiday that we have currently. 

On impulse, it’s almost impossible to not waste the holiday on frivolous things that we may regret later. While it’s refreshing to relax and have fun during unplanned holidays such as these, it’s also essential for us to make good use of it to our advantage. 

Agreeably, there is so much that can be done in a few ‘working’ days where you won’t have to go to work and still get paid. Who doesn’t love that sound?

So while you may not have some things designed already, here are some ways to find the balance between fun and productivity to fully maximise this holiday.


Who doesn’t love the sound of a good sleep? The average adult hardly ever has the much needed 8-hours of sleep daily. You wouldn’t blame them; their reasons could be justifiable. 

Now, sleep is such a super power that gives us a whole different sense of clarity on anything. According to research, one of the greatest cleansers of the brain and body from toxins is sleep.

The reason you may have been having difficulty concentrating at work, finding it hard to multitask or even come up with groundbreaking ideas could be because you work up your mental engine so much that you don’t allow it to hibernate a little while it cleanses itself.

More so, there are lots of underlying health conditions that could be contained if we have enough sleep. Your work doesn’t allow you to do that? Well, this holiday has afforded you that opportunity to lay on your bed for long hours and just allow your body to chill with the blankets. Sleep!


It could be a friend, a spouse, your kid(s), a loved one, but try to create a fun memory with someone outside your regular space. 

We get too tied up with work and sometimes we forget to ‘live a little’. This is a great opportunity to just enjoy life. And life is best experienced when it’s shared. 

Try the beach, a mall, a concert or just some cozy garden. The choice is totally dependent on what would create the most refreshing memory when you have reminiscences. 

Try not to talk about work or anything too serious. Just live. Have fun. It’s just a few days but you can make those days carry so much life that they become unforgettable!


After you must have slept and had some level of fun-creating memories, it’s equally significant to review your long and short term plans. While the everyday busyness of work doesn’t swamp us, now you have the time to score yourself on how well or poorly you’re doing so far. 

About time. Look at your goals and write down the greatest hurdles to achieving them or yank the ones that are probably unrealistic (in the present). 

Have a plan to come out of the holiday experience recharged, reignited and rejuvenated to make progress. 

Truly, self-assessment is crucial to progress and ultimately reaching our goals. This holiday gives you the time to do just that. Don’t waste it!


Not to sound religious but it’s absolutely paramount you make time for meditation during this holiday. Meditation is the practice of focused concentration on yourself or on a deity.

This has been shown to reduce anxiety, chronic pain, depression, heart disease, high blood pressure, enhances self-awareness and also lengthens attention span.

Indeed, with the ‘hustle and bustle’ of everyday life, it may seem almost undoable to create a quiet time to look inward and tap into our inner strength for peak performance in our everyday life.

These few days are a gift to not just rejuvenate but also to recharge. You will absolutely place a premium on keeping the main thing when you have that time to yourself where you aren’t distracted by the dealings of work.


Do you remember the saying “cleanliness is next to godliness”? This isn’t just a statement that directly refers to our religious obligations to a deity but also about our mental superpower that is most active in an organised and clean environment.

Take your time to organise and arrange your apartment. Yes, your entire space. Engage in  a thorough cleaning that you would not normally do on a regular day because you clearly can’t because of work.

This could also be a good time to repositio  the settings of your apartment. It helps the mind to think fresh thoughts and become more creative.

Mind you, you won’t always have the luxury of having ‘almost’ a whole week to yourself. So, make the most of it!


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