How To Trick Your Brain To Get What You Want

Fake It Till You Make It?

To start with, what does this catchy precept that has gained relevance in our present time mean? “Fake it till you make it” has become a popular phrase that means to act like or imitate something you are not until you become that very thing. 

The motive behind this concept is to trick your brain into producing biochemicals that re-affirm your belief.

It is a psychological approach to boosting confidence, changing mindset and accelerating belief in one’s personality. It sounds crazy but then you only become that which you can conceive after all.

Faking it till you make it lies on both edges of the sword. On one end it is just belief in what you know you can become while you go through the process of becoming it. This means making your activities align with your perception and emotion. On the flip side, it is a flight of fancy.

And like many expressions out there, some people have benefited immensely from this and for others, they’ve plunged into the deep ocean. With their names in red. Elizabeth Holmes can attest to that.

So, how does it help?

1. It Can Be A Confidence Booster

Believe it or not, confidence is a universal recipe not inherent in everyone. It is certainly needed in all facets of life. It is one quality that attracts people to your way before you introduce yourself, your business or pitch an idea to them. 

Due to a lack of it, many people have had to psych themselves up simply by faking it until they became it. This made it easier for them to share their ideas and knowledge with everyone. And with time, confidence became in sync with their personalities.

Sometimes, it isn’t enough that you are intelligent, creative and smart. You have to be convincing in your delivery as well as your impressions and that is what confidence gives you. Have you ever met people who you know aren’t masters of their craft nor the most competent but exude an alluring aura?

This is not asking you to be deceitful but if there are elements in your character you would like to improve on, faking it till you make it might be a useful tool in actualising this. 

However, in the case of an introvert who isn’t the most outspoken or articulate, a sprinkle of this concept might be the magic you need to accentuate the best you can.

2. It Can Position You for Opportunities

Sounds fabricated! But guess what? It predisposes you to opportunities. Many people are living the dream just because they know how to capitalise on their strength and harness their capabilities by manoeuvering their way through the system. 

For instance, the way you dress and how you will be addressed is a proven fact that if you look appealing and well-groomed people will give you the first-hand attention you seek. They would want to listen to what you have to say. 

Ever wondered why receptionists and sales marketers always look like a million bucks? Even though in most cases they don’t even have the net worth to back it up, with time doors of opportunities will open for them, giving them access to special privileges and influential people.

3. It Can Facilitate Your Mental Agility

Since you’ve identified areas you want to work on, faking it till you make it helps prepare you for what is to come by putting you in the right frame of mind. Therefore, you will start acting out the things you’ve envisioned. 

It makes you aware of your imperfections and it gives you no momentum to strive toward becoming these things. As an illustration, you want to write and speak well. The first thing will be to read more books, afterwards write out your deductions.

Of course, before you lift a finger, you’d become smarter, your thought becomes coherent and most importantly, expressing yourself or ideas then feels like a walk in the park. You don’t transform your imperfections by merely watching; transformation responds to consistent intentional actions.

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