Implementing Personalised Leadership Coaching & Mentoring II 

Last week, we started a conversation on Implementing Personalised Leadership Coaching & Mentoring. Last week, we discussed 8 Reasons Leaders Must Adopt A Coaching Leadership Style in 2024. This week, marks the second discussion in the series and we will be equipping leaders with insights to enable them develop other coaching leaders on their teams. 

9 Ways To Develop Coaching Leaders On Your Team

Annually, organizations around the world have admitted to incurring huge costs and expenses, worth millions and hundreds of millions on training and workshops for staff and management, with little or no positive yield.

As a matter of fact, 41% of business leaders, according to the Global Human Capital Trends 2019 report published by Deloitte, affirm that their organizations did fail to meet up with the needed leadership standards despite the investments made in that regard.

To accelerate leadership performance and build sustainable institutions, we must develop leaders who leverage a Coaching Leadership Style (CLS). As mentioned on The Peak Performer, coaching leadership style brings much value – fosters conducive learning space, enhances interactive skills of the leader, increase empathy quotient while also positioning your team for accelerated growth.

You can consider the following 9 strategies for adoption.

1. Launch a Coach Leadership Funnel

A funnel strategy grooms a few select people for the next level of management through special training, job experiences, and coaching. It is important to note that these candidates must have been made to go through a variety of tests in order to have been considered as potential coach leaders. 

2. Design A Development Plan

A development plan is somewhat like a map to guide you and your team through specific and strategic milestones that have been set to be achieved. This development plan should contain segments that would cover areas of strength as well as weaknesses, how much your team members know and comprehend per time, their expertise level and so much more.

3. Provide Training Regularly

While training and workshops are great, not devising a plan that is concordant or customary will do more harm than good, giving room for inconsistency to hamper their growth and performance in the organization. Never discourage your team members from attending conferences and networking events when needed and necessary as this will hold back opportunities for their onward development as Coach Leaders.

4. Encourage Autonomy and Offer Coaching and Mentorship

When considering strategies for developing members on a team with the potential to becoming Coach Leaders, Mentoring and Coaching is key which is why it is necessary for leaders to constantly rally employees to be self-driven and purposeful in taking up initiatives which will greatly help in boosting their confidence and sharpening their leadership skills with the needed guidance and support of course.

5. Listen

As a leader, you can’t effectively develop others if you haven’t mastered the art of listening – which is the ability to comprehend the intention of a message as well as the consciousness of attitude and feelings of the sender of the message.Having impressive listening skills directly affects engagement, commitment and working relationships with others in a negative or positive way.

6. Recognition and Feedback

Recognition as a means of feedback and reward for peak performance can help boost self- confidence and enthusiasm.Which is why providing constructive feedback as a leader is essential to helping team members improve on their performance in order to enable them achieve their goals. At the same time, regular feedback reinforces the behaviors you want to see more of, while recognition builds trust and creates a positive workenvironment.

7. Personal Development

Giving room for your team members to undergo the process of keeping up with up-to-date trends in order to stay relevant and effective while also using a strong personal network to learn from the ideas and experiences of others is what is referred to as personal development and it’s another strong factor in developing coach leaders on your team.

8. Time Management

Leaders who are poor at managing their time well are bound to suffer inefficiency without ever having enough time to spare to develop their team members. This is why planning and controlling how you spend each hour in your day to accomplish your goals is a skill that both leaders and members on a team should imbibe in order to meet deadlines effectively and efficiently.

9. Value Your Team

Having the foresight to not only recognize the potential within others, but also guide them to see that their diversity, capabilities, experiences, and contributions are integral for the team in more ways than they can imagine will make them feel valued, engaged and included while also helping them to thrive, both personally and professionally.

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