The Best Ideas for Improving Your Productivity at Work

If you are keen on improving your productivity level at work, this post is for you.

Like almost everyone on planet earth, you too might have experienced several unproductive work days.

We’re talking about days when, despite waking up in the morning feeling ready to conquer the day and achieve everything on your to-do list, you find yourself either drifting off at work, getting distracted, or focusing on less important tasks.

Or maybe you are not even in this category.

Maybe you are already productive and are simply looking for ways to be more efficient at work, get your job done faster, and achieve all your set goals.

Either way, whether you belong to the first or second category, what you need is what we bring. 

Today, we will be discussing the best tips for increasing your productivity and achieving everything on your to-do list.

8 Ways For Improving Your Productivity at Work

Best ideas for improving your productivity at work
You can improve your productivity at work and inspire your team to do the same

1. When improving your productivity, multitasking is a no-no

People generally love the idea of being able to multitask. 

There is just something fascinating and superhuman about someone who can cook lunch, make a presentation, and feed the kids — all at the same time.

But how humanly possible is this?

According to research, our brains are not very good at multitasking.

Contrary to popular belief, studies have shown that multitasking can hamper productivity and lead to poor performance. [Tweet that]

This is because, by nature, multitasking requires dividing your attention between different tasks. This divided attention ultimately leads to poor performance in all the assigned tasks.

Multitasking also causes mental blocks due to the rapid switching of attention between tasks. These mental blocks slow you down and affect how fast you carry out your work.

Hence, rather than trying to print your documents, write a report, and eat lunch at the same time, why not do them one after another?

That way, you not only give each task your full undivided attention but are able to do your best at each task.

2. Accountability is crucial

Another tip for improving your productivity is having someone who keeps tabs on your daily or weekly performance level. You need to have someone who will call to ask whether you were able to meet your deadlines and what you were able to get done on your work list.

Of course, such a person can be a trusted colleague, family member, or friend. The idea is to choose someone you can be accountable to; someone you are familiar with and can easily talk to and listen to.

3. Organizing your workspace is key to improving your productivity

Whether you realize it or not, the state of your environment and workspace affects your productivity.

According to research, a beautiful and organized workspace improves mental health, thus helping you stay attentive and encouraged to work.

Few people will be happy and motivated to work in a place that reeks, is disorganized, and is stuffy.

This is why it is vital to clean out your workspace periodically.

4. Taking occasional rests will do you a whole lot of good

Taking occasional breaks is essential to help you relax and manage work stress.

While it can be tempting to keep working, even when you feel tired, so that you can quickly achieve your goals, it is vital to schedule times when you rest.

Failing to take these occasional breaks may result in a breakdown, which will prevent you from working and hinder your overall productivity at the end of the day.

5. Working from the big tasks to small ones is another pathway to improving your productivity

Working from the tough tasks down to the simple ones at the beginning of your workday helps you maximize your energy, thus boosting your productivity at work.

This is because the level of energy, alertness, and motivation you resume work with is different from that with which you end the day.

By focusing and working on large tasks when you first arrive at work, you can fully dedicate the amount of time, attention, and energy needed to get the job done. 

When you are finished with those tasks, you can easily carry out menial jobs that require less energy or focus.

6. Always break down large tasks into smaller ones

In addition to the previous tip, while you should carry out the big tasks before the small ones, ensure to break down these large tasks into smaller bits.

Doing this will make such tasks appear doable, measurable, and attainable. This will motivate you to work, ultimately increasing your efficiency and results. [Tweet that]

As such, rather than approaching a big task as ambiguous as it is, make sure to break the work into smaller, definable objectives. 

You can then use these smaller tasks as mileposts to measure your progress in achieving and completing the whole task.

7. Be sure to forgive yourself when you make mistakes

Improving your work effectiveness also hinges on your ability to forgive yourself for past times you have been unproductive.

It is important to remember and accept that you are a human who is prone to making mistakes, and sometimes having a “bad” day.

Working with this in mind will enable you to easily pick yourself up and move on from past slips.

8. Finally, take it slowly and enjoy the ride

Ever heard the phrase: mighty drops of water make the mighty ocean?

It is typically impossible to change years of working patterns overnight or suddenly.

Hence, do not get carried away trying to implement all the above tips at once to achieve quick changes in your productivity level.

Instead, you should take things slowly and enjoy the process as you introduce small changes into your work life.

One way to do this is to start with one or two of the tips above. 

As you implement them, periodically measure their effectiveness in boosting your work efficiency and effectiveness.

Keep repeating the cycle till you identify those tips that give you the best productivity results at work.


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