Just In: A’ Ibom Lawyer Regains Freedom

Human rights lawyer, Inibehe Effiong, on Friday, regained freedom from the Uyo Correctional Centre one month after he was sent to prison.

Effiong was put behind bars by the Akwa Ibom Chief Judge, Ekaette Obot, for contempt of court.

Her judgment was met with mixed reactions from different law groups and individuals.

He was given a heroic welcome march by a team of supporters.

The lawyer, who posted a video on his Facebook, Friday morning, captioned it “History will vindicate the just”.

In another post, Effiong wrote, “I’m back. Stronger and more determined to confront the forces of oppression and to continue to speak nothing but the hard truth to the faces of the oppressors of our people.

I feel sorry for those who thought they can break my spirit by incarcerating me.”

Meanwhile, different human rights groups and individuals have welcomed the lawyer back.

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