LASG to Charge Residents for Parking Outside Perimeter Fence

The Lagos State Government has announced the collection of a levy for cars parked on setbacks.

Earlier, the Lagos State Parking Authority (LASPA) charged a food and snack company, Nellies N80,000 for parking lots on setbacks.

In a letter addressed to the company, the agency charged N80,000 per annum on three parking slots for off-street with N50,000 as nonrefundable administrative processing fee.

This was met with stiff condemnation from Lagosians who knocked the government through multiple posts on social media.

In a clarification post, the agency said the company was charged for parking cars on the setback belonging to the government.

According to the General Manager of LASPA, Adebisi Adelabu, he said the agency will not charge cars parked within a compound.

“The general public MUST be aware that LASPA or any of its staffers or agents WILL NOT charge on cars parked in any compound but if anyone parks on the setback, such person, organisation or group of persons will be charged accordingly,” Adelabu said.

Explaining what a setback is, Adelabu said “it is the space between your perimeter fencing and the walkway or the road, as the case may be.”

He further stated that house owners must show proof from the authorised MDA in Lagos State showing the legal ownership of setbacks for them to claim it.

He warned against “malicious information” and urged the public to be equipped with important information.

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