NDLEA Uncovers Drug Lab in VGC, Arrests Suspect

Officials of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) have arrested Mr Emeka Nzewi after it detected a drug lab in K-5A/2, Road 14 in Victoria Garden City (VGC), Lagos State. 

According to the General Manager of VGCPORA, Yussuf Morufat, Nzewi was arrested following a sting operation in K-5A/2 Road 14 based on intelligence gathering in the residence Mr and Mrs Emeka Nzewi occupied.

The GM said: “The operation confirmed a meth lab operation in the premises. Nzewi and accomplices have been arrested while the property will be sealed by the state government.”

Adding that the NDLEA had been tracing Nzewi since 2017, Morufat said property owners do not conduct background checks of tenants before lease of properties. “Such acts expose residents to security risks.”

“VGCPORA will henceforth make background checks mandatory for new residents before access cards would be saved or renewed or exchanged residents,” he assured. 

According to the GM, this act of Nzewi has exposed occupants around Road 14 to hazardous meth job chemicals used and waste generated from production. 

He confirmed that NDLEA officials mentioned that boreholes, water supply and plants 500 metres away from K-5A/2 Road 14 have also been contaminated. 

Hence, VGCPORA in conjunction with NDLEA has resolved to test the water supply of properties around K-5A/2, Road 14.

Morufat said that the use of some domestic employees to distribute the drugs within the community. 

His words: “VGCPORA has a longstanding commitment to provide for safe, drug-free environment. 

“Alcohol and drug misuse pose a threat to the health and safety of VGC and to the security of the community.”

VGCPORA, therefore, called on residents to join hands with them to make VGC a drug-free community, pleading that “if you see something, say something”.

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