Oh No! The Beautiful Weekend is Over.

Saturday and Sunday are officially not coming back right away. Your alarm may just be your best friend for the next five days except you are a member of the snoozers tribe.

There are many ways to make your Monday count and pleasurable. Bracing up to starting another Monday could be unarguably challenging. Sometimes, it appears to be a herculean task looking at the assignments and meetings ahead for the week.

To better prepare you and help you navigate through the day and start your Monday, here are our top tips to make you achieve that and walk into it effortlessly. 

At the end of applying these tips, you will look up to the next Monday and cleave to it with a bright grin.

1. Get Up Earlier

The temptation is always there to sleep a little further – perhaps for two more minutes – on a Monday morning. But if you really want to change your Monday mindset, start as you mean to go on.

Try waking up 10 minutes earlier, and slow your morning routine right down. For instance, no more brushing your teeth in the shower, or doing your make-up on the train, can only be a good thing.

2. Get Up Later

Looking for the best way to start your Monday, let’s assume that you have skipped number one. If it really turns out that you’re not so much of a morning person, there is no big deal about that. That’s cool. We all have both areas of strengths and improvement.

Simply take full advantage of any flexible working hours offered. And if they’re not? There’s always the late shift for everyone. The advice is that you should stick to what works for you. Your productivity is the most paramount thing in starting a new week.

3. Don’t Go Back to Sleep

Here’s a trick. Another best way to start your Monday is this: no matter what you do, however lulling the sleep was, don’t hit the snooze button. Fight back that temptation selfishly luring you to continue in the dreamland. It’s a trap.

Again, do you feel like you can’t function without an extra half hour doze on the way into Charing Cross? Change it.

You should deliberately fight the desire to slip into slumber. You’ll, indeed, feel better for it. And yeah the person who sits next to you certainly will.

4. Eat Breakfast

The nutritional and mental benefits of the day’s first meal are well-documented and is one best way to start your Monday. 

Nutritionists have always emphasised that you shouldn’t skip your breakfast. It needs to fuel your engineer for optimal productivity. You can even wolf down something light. Try small chops or a cup of tea and a few slices of bread garnished with sliced tomatoes and lettuce.

5. Make More of Your Commute

If you’re bored on the bus or in the car, why not put your sudden lack of stimulation to good use? Get an audiobook app to read or learn a new skill while you’re stuck in traffic. This might work perfectly for Lagos residents and people in other busy cities where there is always traffic during morning rush hours.

6. Make someone’s day

This is another magical way to start your Monday. You can choose to do something beautiful for someone. 

Since Monday is always too official, you can decide to lighten it up with some charitable or selfless works. You don’t necessarily have to break a bank to achieve this mission. Random acts of kindness are cool. It is also surprisingly easy. 

You can share joyful moments on Mondays by getting a helpful colleague breakfast or lunch or by giving someone a sincere compliment. It’s basically science. This is an unusual way of making Monday counts 

7. Make Monday Your Cheat Day

‘My diet starts on Monday’. Many people say this with zero commitment. But face facts: if you’re trying to battle the Monday blues, the last thing you need is a few of certain foods. 

In fact, eat like a king on Monday, and make your diet Tuesday’s problem. Instead of waiting and reserving it till the weekend, eat the best food you can think of on a Monday. And you will be glad you did start your Monday with this basic trick.

8. Remind Yourself about Other Successful Mondays

Every time you seek best ways to start your Monday, ask yourself the plain question. Have all Mondays in the past been bad or disappointing? Certainly “no” is the answer. So, to better start your day, remember the various successful things that have happened on a Monday. 

So, see it as a challenge that Monday could be a day you will invent or discover something that others might benefit from. 

9. Put Things in Perspective

People are often advised to see nothing wrong with Mondays. Accept the fact that Monday is not really a problem and that it is just like every other day. Yeah.

You may be dozy. You may lack motivation. You may have even forgotten your umbrella on the way to work on a Monday. But no matter how bad your day is, next Monday will  always be better. So, tailor your mindset in that direction. It helps you start off your Monday on the best note.

10. Find a Monday Happy Place

The best way to maintain high morale on a Monday is to make your morning stand out. Think of all the things which make you happiest, and find ingenious ways to work them into your Monday.

Load up your phone with an inspiring playlist for your morning commute, have lunch with an old friend, watch some inspiring comedy skits or bookmark something interesting to review on your lunch. The choice is yours.

Note, have it at the back of your mind that it is sometimes not Monday that is the hassle, but you. This could be because you have the power to sway how you want the day to look like.

Have you been afraid of starting your Monday or seeing it as a horrible day? Now you know better. Go ahead and have a fulfilled Monday with your full chest. 

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