Phyno, Flavour, Others Meet with Peter Obi in US

The Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, has met two Nigerian singers — Flavour and Phyno — in Washington, D.C. in the United States of America.

The Labour Party flag bearer met with Chinedu Okoli, popularly known as Flavour Nabania and Chibuzor Nelson Azubuike, better known as Phyno Fino during his interactions with Nigerians at Howard University in the US on Thursday.

In a series of tweets via his Twitter handle, Obi stated that the Nigeria Diaspora family can catapult Nigeria from good to great.

The LP flag bearer pointed out that before the 2027 general elections, Nigerians in Diaspora must have a voice to collectively express themselves via absentee ballots.

He said: “Some of you are here in the United States by choice, but the majority are stranded here, but not by choice. Our national circumstances have compelled your sojourn here. But I am certain of this: If your hearts were not in Nigeria, if you were not patriotic, you won’t be here today.

“It is our shared common value to build a democratic, just and egalitarian Nigeria that has brought us all together today. Membership, they say, has its privileges. Thus, the Nigeria Diaspora has a continuing role and responsibility toward nation-building and national development.”

He urged them to annex their strength which gives them the opportunity to place Nigeria on a better level. 

“In 2021 Nigeria’s foreign direct investment was $4.8 billion. Therefore, I see Diaspora remittances as the new normal and becoming Nigeria’s Official Development Assistance; some kind of foreign loan-without interest.

“With its huge Diaspora strength, the Nigerian Diaspora can help to mobilise efforts in the direction of private sector investment. Beyond your sheer financial power, your contributions also include ideas, creativity, and a diverse global network.”

Obi also disclosed that his next stop would be Atlanta, Georgia. On September 4, he will be at Columbia University, New York for a similar meeting to be hosted by Columbia’s Africa Business Club and Black Law Students Association.

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