How To Shoes Your Appearance

Every time I hear the compliment, “You look good”, I feel helplessly guilty. Then I instinctively slip into my days of yore. 

It was a Wednesday morning. I was to deliver a credit presentation to the Management Credit Committee of a top Nigerian bank. Our team was prepared to the teeth.

While the presentation was going on smoothly I observed the Deputy Group Managing Director at the time, gazing at my shoes with a comic facial expression. After my presentation which gathered much applause and approval, he said “You look shoes, Abby”. He shoe-shamed me. 

Today, I still owe him a robust gratitude. This woke me up aggressively to smell the coffee – everyone was tittle-tattling about my pitiful shoes. That is history now. As the ProChancellor of Sweet Boys & Sweet Girls Academy and Vice President Education Sweet Boys & Sweet Girls Association, I’m incredibly shoe conscious.  I nail the fit.

Both style and maintenance matter a lot in your footwear asset. This is because shoes are regarded as the most essential commodity in every man’s wardrobe. And they are worth your investment. Yes, every piece of our clothing is undeniably important, too – jewellery, clothes, shoes or the accompaniments. 

As an intellectually sophisticated man in the corporate world, your shoes must always leave a clean statement on your overall appearance. 

Here are a few things to note about “Shoeing” your appearance. 

  1. Shoes Define Your Status

It is often believed that women look smarter than men because they dress to “kill” like being more detail-oriented. Your footwear says a lot about your sense of dressing and how much you pay attention to details.  

Whether they interpret your person or your wealth, it is undoubtedly a powerful ingredient that spices up your daily look. 

It is the first information viewers check out when they see you walk in or out. Bring your A game in shoe styling. Yes, let the ladies admire your footwear too just as you do them. Choose class and elegance over quantity.

Don’t let your shoes fall apart until the centre can no longer hold before you realise it has dented your image. 

2. Shoes Communicate Your Message 

There is a saying that you attract your kind. So does dress sense. Why do you think the first thing comedians make a joke off about men is their shoes? 

Check your shoe collection. Analyse the look – sole and top view. Is it worth your current status? Is it fit for the rack or the bin? What would be the public reaction if they saw the sole of your shoes? 

Whatever language your shoes speak, it will only pull to you a pool of people whose shoes also understand the language spoken. 

Your shoes should only speak the language of wealth, power, class and style. 

3. Shoes Help You Look Sharp, Complete

“Give it your best shot” also applies to shoes. Don’t just pay attention to your hair, and face. Take the wow-look down your feet, too.

Don’t you want to be referred to as a stylish guy who’s always suitable for every occasion? Yes, it is your shoes that earn you that credit. 

It doesn’t necessarily have to be brand new. Floss the existing ones. Keep them simple, attentively polished and well-mannered. Your personality will be totally reflected in your shoes. 

4. Invest in Quality Shoes 

It lasts. Rather than buy 10 classless and zero-looking pairs just for quantity’s sake. To succinctly put, always invest in value more than volume and see if you won’t be the cynosure of all eyes. 

Let’s be on the level. Your colleagues and friends – at social and corporate gatherings – know the depth of your pocket. They know if you’re penny-pinching, too.  If you have sworn allegiance to “Stingy Men Association”, you might want to sever ties at this point and get your spending priorities straight. 

Let those quality shoes be your reward after a well-executed job finally pays off. No one is saying be extravagant, just put your mouth where your pocket is. 

5. Let the Ladies Admire Your Shoes, Too

I rammed into a friend’s photos on Facebook. The view was on fleek. His suit and haircut were well learned. 

While comments appreciated his outfit, a particular  comment from a female went straight to his shoes. “Your shoes are drop-dead gorgeous, guy.” That sent a positive signal to my wardrobe.  

Sometimes let the women admire you too. Be intentional about it. It could even bring the ladies your way. 

You know quite a number of women are judgemental, right? By your shoes, women shall know your taste and preference. 

Always think twice before choosing any shoes, especially your corporate ones. Brown, black or navy blue should be the first set. Regardless, just wear what represents you and your field. 

Don’t be compatible with crumbling shoes. It could scare potential investors away, and convince admirers to flee from you.

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