This Weekend: Don’t Just Stay In Bed

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8 Fun Things To Recharge You This Weekend

One of the things you must come to terms with is that you are in some sense a limited resource. This means amongst many other things that, you don’t have the energy to do everything you wish to do neither can you continue working indefinitely.

 The human body as ingenious as it is, is designed to balance out stress and rest. One of the challenges many people in the corporate world face is the inability to find a work-life balance or better put, a work-life harmony. Rest should be a fundamental part of how you allocate your time, it doesn’t imply laziness – being a work horse isn’t always a good thing because it does have future implications.

Letting your hair down is the recognition that you know and value your physical, mental and psycho-social wellbeing. By choosing to shelve strenuous activities and engage in relaxing and recharging activities, you’re giving yourself the permission to refresh and rejuvenate. Experts say, quality leisure time lowers your blood pressure, improves your digestion, increases the flow of blood to your muscles, improves the quality of your sleep, reduces your fatigue and boosts your own confidence. You have to intermittently find out time and indulge yourself in fun and entertaining activities, it makes you not just a better person but more importantly – a healthy person.

Here are 8 fun Things You Can Do to recharge next weekend

  1. Engage In A Community Sport

Community in this sense speaks to sports that require both teams to have quite a handful of players. For example, sports like squash, chess, table tennis and golf involve only a few people at any given time. On the other hand, games like football, basketball, volleyball etc require more people involved on both sides. This is because contact-sports can be used to foster bonding amongst a group of people, hence participating in these kinds of sporting activities releases endorphins – natural chemicals released by the pituitary gland in the body to relieve stress.

This is a far recommended activity that to try and get a high from happy drugs like opioids. Relying on opioid consumption to relieve stress will lead to dependency because more quantities of the drug is required to attain the original levels of euphoria. Imagine if people get so excited by just watching their favourite teams engage in such sporting activities, how much thrill do you think will come from participating yourself?

  1. Play Hide & Seek With Your Children 

Children naturally have high levels of energy, they can be very animated in anything they do. You can tap into that energy by playing hide & Seek which requires a lot of moving around and contorting your body. The gruelling routines that are involved are somewhat parallel to formal exercise regiments at fitness centres. For large residential apartments, it takes quite a lot to find children especially with small body frames, the more energy you deploy in looking for them, the more you move, the more you sweat and burn calories. When there aren’t many places to properly hide, the ridiculousness of trying to take cover in all the wrong places can be hilarious and soothing to watch.

  1. Do Some Netflix And Chill

Netflix is the gold standard of home entertainment; instead of going to physical cinema halls – Netflix brings the cinema experience to your home! Thanks to the evolution of streaming technology, the proliferation of smart phones and the relative affordability of internet subscription bundles – you can enjoy a good movie. To make the viewing experience even richer when watching a movie with family and friends, ensure that you use a television with a wide screen and with the lights in the room reduced to a bare minimum or completely switched off – the near-cinematic feeling is unmatched!

Go on the internet to search for the type of movie that aligns with your objectives, pay attention to the reviews and they will guide you on which movie to go for. Also, if children or minors are going to be participating, double check how the movie is rated to ensure that it is age-appropriate. A great movie can be very immersive, drawing its audience into the storytelling and alternative reality – away from the real world. The conversations that occurs during such movies have a refreshing effect on our minds and bodies.

  1. Have Lunch Or Dinner With Friends

For most people, food is therapeutic. It is even more fun when you plan to have group lunch or dinner with an intimate circle of friends. Eating with friends can be useful, beyond just being fuel for the physical body, it can be used to get you back in a happy place. Just like many things in our lives, the different foods we eat are usually attached to some emotion or memory and these trigger certain responses from us. So once in a while, gather a select group of friends, preferably those you share some type of history with – whether it be family, workplace, religious, childhood or neighbourhood.

You can take it to the next level by treating yourself and your friends to some fine dining in one of the exotic restaurants or places with proven culinary prowess. Just as you and your friends treat your taste buds to some edible delights, you are also doing so in the company of people who you love. Again, the conversations that occur whenever people of like minds gather is usually the meat of the meeting. 

  1. Have A Game Date With Friends

This can be a physical sporting activities as described earlier but in recent times, this type of hangouts have evolved to include electronic games like the Xbox, Sony PlayStation etc and board games like Chess, Scrabble, Ludo or cards. The banter during these type of informal games can be so refreshing, it gives everyone an opportunity to earn bragging rights and claim superior gaming skills. The desire to win is innate in every human being. Participating in such fun engagement even though when the outcomes are inconsequential to real life situations, does produce some kind of euphoria.

These games are a metaphor for our lives; in real life we want to succeed, to outwit perceived detractors and to unleash our super powers in improving our fortunes in the world. These activities can be a redeeming exercise for those who engage in such activities.

  1. Run, Walk Or Jog With Friends

Empirical research has proven that professional long-distance runners, go farther when they run in groups than when they do by themselves, this is because the fellowship is motivation enough to keep them on going. By undertaking an activity like walking, jogging or running with friends – you are reinforcing a sense of community that makes you feel a sense of belonging. Exercise is also good for your physical health, it boosts your stamina, makes you more agile, boosts your cardio-vascular fitness and generally improves your mental wellbeing.

When it comes to running a considerable distance, the benefits of group running is obvious – aside from the physical and mental rewards, it also draws on your ability to keep commitments because not only will you show up for such activities but will also join others in completing a distance you wouldn’t have ordinarily completed by yourself.

  1. Visit A Zoo, Wildlife Or A Garden

Whether a visit to the zoo, a beach, a conservation centre or a serene location, nature will also renew and refresh your being. Creative people usually move to very primordial locations for inspiration because nothing beats the natural and usually breath-taking state of the environment. Away from the chaotic nuisance and deafening decibels (nature) of cosmopolitan city centres, a getaway is a great idea for meditating, drawing inner strength and rest. The sights and sounds of flora and fauna can be as a healing balm that allows you recalibrate your thoughts.

You can also go for a picnic with friends and family to declutter and detox the accumulated stress levels. Some facilities offer spa services, horseback riding, swimming and other ancillary services. It is a highly recommended approach to recharging your batteries for optimal productivity.

  1. Host Your Friends To A Fun Party

Sometimes you just have to dance, sing and spoil yourself with some good vibes. Hosting a house party with your friends over is almost always guaranteed to have a fantastic outcome. For those few hours, you will feel more like Clark Kent and not Superman or Superwoman where you feel that you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. Music is to trigger the right emotions when well curated, the unmitigated happiness that a fun party brings evokes all the right feelings. You don’t have to spend a lot if it is well planned, you just have to be with the right people.

Parties are an avenue adults to unleash the children in us, that phase of our lives where we were unbothered with responsibilities, stress or any other adult encumbrances. You can literally allow your guard down and release all the pent up pressure from work, family, society, religion and other stressors.

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