The Peak PerformerTM is a platform where African Industry Leaders, Culture Shapers & Game Changers gain insights to achieve Peak Performance in their space.

Based on our commitment is to inspire greatness across Africa, we are seeking  to spotlight 45 African CEOs Under the age of 45 on the continent with TPPTM 45 Under 45 CEOs Spotlight.

We will spotlight 45 CEOs Under Age 45 in the following 9 categories -Agriculture, FMCG & Manufacturing; Banking, Fintech & Other Financial Services; Consulting & Professional Services; Development, Governance & Politics; Entertainment & Media; Marketing & Communications; Power, Oil & Gas and Oil Servicing; Real Estate, Engineering & Construction and Technology & Telecommunications.


In line with the design of TPPTM Recognition, we welcome nominations from  North Africa, West Africa, East Africa & South Africa. Nomination for TPPTM 45 Under 45 CEOs Spotlight ends on October 31st 2023.


Every Nominator across the continent will receive a complimentary gift sponsored by Dr. Abiola Salami Foundation. You can only nominate once.


Every Nominee will be contacted via the email and phone number provided by the Nominator.   

Important Notice

Nominees will be reviewed by a Jury based on both quantitative (i.e. number of nominations) and qualitative (i.e. valid data of Nomineeprovided by Nominators) measures to determine the top 45.


The final list of the top 45 will be published on TPP Platforms on Wednesday 15th November, 2023.

The Big Stage Celebration

Riding on the success of TPPTM Recognition 2023 (TPP2023) , we are set to enhance the experience at TPP2024 with a Summit, Exhibition & Recognition where career professionals and entrepreneurs will converge to obtain insights for accelerating career and business growth. 

The Summit segment will focus on exploring Emotional Intelligence as a multi-industry and multi-generational performance enhancement tool.  It is a must-attend for any individual African, African organizations and African-focused organizations seeking to have a headstart in the New Year. 

The top 10 CEOs from TPPTM 45 Under 45 CEOs Spotlight will be celebrated on the big stage of TPPTM Recognition 2024 (TPP2024) on Thursday February 29th, 2024.

Kindly indicate the top 5 skills you admire in a CEO Under 45:


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The country where the nominee lived and worked in 2022.