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Since 2013, we have implemented different interventions supporting SDG #5.

2013 – Senior Professional Ladies Colloquium

2014 – Women Making A Difference Awards

2015 – CHAMP International Women’s Conference

2016 – CHAMP Xceptional Women’s Conference

2016 – Xceptional Woman of The Year

2016 – Confidence Coaching for Xceptional Women


The World Economic Forum and the Oliver Wyman Forum report that “women have been hit hard by the harsh conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic causing them to adapt to new realities.” These new realities, in our opinion, require a new level of commitment to engaging, empowering and recognizing women, especially those that are blazing the trail and setting new records.


The Peak Performing Women Project is CHAMP’s vehicle for driving a renewed commitment to empowering, engaging and recognizing women in their quest for delivering excellence in a post-pandemic world based on Goal 5 of the Sustainable Development Goals. The project aims to equip women to deliver excellence as career professionals, entrepreneurs, social innovators, political office holders and in their personal lives. It will enable more women to live beyond misperceptions, stereotypes and misplaced emotions that could limit the God-given exceptional nature that is within the woman for the development of humanity.


The intervention that began with The Peak Performing Woman Series and The Peak Performing Woman Interactive Session led us to bring women together across Africa for a time of connection, capacity development and celebration at The Peak Performing Woman of The Year 2023 where we also unveiled Dr. Abiola Salami‘s latest women empowerment tool The Peak Performing Woman’s Companion.

In September 2024, we shall be hosting hosting 1000 women across Africa to a time of connection, capacity development and celebration at The Peak Performing Woman of The Year 2024 with the theme Gender Inclusion: A Critical Tool for Driving Peak Performance in Africa.

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