Ubong King: 20 Powerful Quotes To Maximize Your Potential Now

In 2020, the world was greeted with the sudden demise of the iconic business leader, Mr Ubong King.

Born in August 1972, Ubong King was a man who braved failures, rejections, dismissals, frustrations, and other challenges thrown at him to become a success.

Till his death on the 26th of December 2020, Mr King was a private security expert, motivational speaker, renowned business consultant, husband, and father. 

He was a successful entrepreneur whose life experiences birthed a vision to raise young people as strong leaders and productive entrepreneurs. 

Mr Ubong King was passionate about raising young people who are not dependent on others for their survival and who have a mission to change the world through innovation, creativity, and education. Driven by this dream, the philanthropist founded the eponymous non-profit, the Ubong King Foundation, targeted at raising young leaders, as well as an empowerment program called Thinkation.

Furthermore, his enthusiasm for youth development and the economic freedom of Africa as a continent made him a frequent speaker at various seminars, conferences, and workshops in Nigeria and around Africa.

In this post, we share with you 20 memorable quotes from Ubong King that have left an unerasable mark on our hearts. However, before that, here is a summary of the life and achievements of the entrepreneurial icon. 

Ubong King’s Early Life

Born on the 22nd of August 1972 to Mr and Mrs Nseabasi Thompson Idionkanta in Obanikoro, Lagos State, Nigeria, Ubong King attended Maryland Convent Primary School, Mende, Maryland, Lagos, and Federal Government College Ijanikin Lagos.

Till the age of 13, Mr Ubong King had a satisfactory childhood. However, things took a drastic turn for the worse when, at the time of his father’s death, they found that he had another family. 

This discovery split the family apart, bringing in a lot of betrayals, disappointment, and rejection by family and friends alike.

Through hard work and part-time jobs, Mr King sponsored himself at the University of Calabar, where he studied Agriculture Education. 

In an interview with BBC News Pidgin, Mr King narrated how his life became better after he met a bishop who eventually took him under his wing and tutored him in Christianity for about four years. 

Ubong King’s Achievements

Mr Ubong King was known for his love for his job as a security expert, but very few know the early beginnings of his profession. 

In the early days of his career as a security expert, Ubong King was a volunteer guard at his church, Power City International Church.

He also doubled as a consultant in piggery before he eventually ventured into the security industry, starting his company, Protection Plus Security Limited.

Along the line, Mr King served as chairman of the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) International Chapter, Lagos Nigeria. 

In 2016, he received the 2016 African Child Prize for ‘Integrity Security Intelligence’ from the African Child Foundation. He was also one of the few recipients of the Star Award in Maritime Security from the Crime Reporters Association of Nigeria (CRAN).

Although he graduated with a third-class degree from the university, Mr King was determined to be successful.

He received numerous awards and graduated from the renowned Lagos Business School, where he completed the MSMP 37 (Executive Management Program).

He also served as both the class president and a member of the Business School’s Governing Council.

Furthermore, Ubong King enrolled in a business experience course in Brazil to further hone his expertise. His executive master’s degree in business administration from Brazil’s Metropolitan School of Business was earned there.

In 2018, the Ubong King Foundation unveiled the empowerment initiative, Thinkation, which is one of the biggest youth empowerment conferences in Africa.

20 Memorable Quotes By Mr Ubong King

1. It is important that you understand wisdom before the money comes because if you understand money before wisdom, you will be abused.

2. Boldness is a distinctive trait of the Lion. The Lion is not the fastest, tallest or biggest animal in the jungle, but its attitude sets it apart. The Lion fights strategically and never turns its back on a fight. Act as a lion in life.

3. When God wants to multiply you, He brings you in contact with people who will challenge your limited way of understanding life.

4. Never give up on your dreams because your dreams have not given up on you; that is why you still have those dreams.

5. Your actions today can cause a positive generational change in your children’s lives.

6. If you want to win tomorrow, change the things you were doing yesterday and start a new leaf. 

7. For you to survive in business, you must be disciplined, and this comes with a price. You must be ready to pay. [Click to tweet]

8. Until you get angry at your present situation, you will not stand up.

9. Sometimes life may not give you a chance to explore, you have to learn to create one.

10. You need to develop your competitive intelligence to move your business forward.

11. It is not all about cutting costs, it is all about finding ways to make more money.

12. Between two mountains of success, there is a valley of failure.

13. Hard work will never kill you, but it will stress you.

14. If you don’t give your best now, you will be an entertainment tool in the future.

15. It’s not your qualifications that set you apart; it is your attitude to God that does.

16. Entrepreneurship is like war, treat it as such.

17. People are not paying for the product you have, they are paying for the service they get.

18. If you are not thinking speed, you are losing market share.

19. Find your message. Find your target and concentrate there.

20. If you want to win tomorrow, pay attention to your customers, products, and opportunity.


When a target is defined, direction appears. Until you see it in your eyes, you can’t get it. Hence your dreams and goals have to be visibly written and seen over and over again.

Throughout his life, Ubong King positively impacted thousands of young lives globally. 

Although he is now gone to the great beyond, his story of rising out of the ashes and overcoming the challenges of life to make something admirable of himself continues to inspire us. Through the initiatives he established to raise independent and productive young leaders and entrepreneurs, Mr Ubong King has left a legacy that the world will not be forgetting anytime soon.

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