Understanding Your Power As A Peak Performing Woman

This is Dr. Abiola Salami. As a world-class performance strategist, I understand that any organisation, industry, community, country, or continent that wants to consistently deliver excellence must constantly empower, engage, and recognise the sterling contribution of its women. This is why I have consistently powered a few interventions to support this thinking since 2013, which culminated in The Peak Performing Woman of The Year. Every fortnight on this platform, I will share insights to help women flourish and deliver excellence as career professionals, entrepreneurs, and nation builders.

The post-pandemic world requires a new level of action. The World Economic Forum and the Oliver Wyman Forum report that “women have been hit hard by the harsh conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, causing them to adapt to new realities. In my opinion, these new realities require a new level of commitment to engaging, empowering, and recognising women, especially those who are blazing the trail and setting new records as Peak Performing Women.  

The Peak Performing Woman is that woman who knows her worth. Not by measuring herself against other women or men but by always digging into her potential to be bigger, better, and greater than who she was yesterday, matching her achievements with her potential.

Peak Performing Women understand that you don’t have to be anti-man to be pro-woman or pro-man to be anti-woman; they focus on reshaping humanity for the utmost good of all.

Peak Performing Women are those with an unrelenting commitment to uplifting and empowering other women, with character ethics and personality ethics. 

Regardless of age, race or socio-economic status, Peak Performing Women care for and respect one another. They are preoccupied with creating lasting positive change in their families, industries, and communities.

Peak Performing Women are those women who stand up to fight injustice no matter which gender is the victim. 

The Peak Performing Woman loves and esteems herself daily by believing in her strengths, finesse, and uniqueness. 

The Peak Performing Woman understands that although others may have different opinions about her, what really counts is what she chooses to believe, accept, and improve.

The Peak Performing Woman takes personal responsibility for her success. She constantly engages her competence, character, and creativity for outstanding achievements.

The Peak Performing Woman understands that crying is not a sign of weakness, helplessness, or hopelessness, but after crying, she picks herself up, dusts herself off and moves forward with gusto to deliver excellence.

The Peak Performing Woman knows that she is exceptional. She knows she brings beauty and glory to the world.

The Peak Performing Woman understands that looking within herself is the first step to becoming and maintaining her exceptional nature. She understands that excellence is inside-out and not outside-in. She understands that if any change will happen, that change must start from inside of her. She knows that this change gets transformed within her from an abstract thought into a concrete plan that she’s committed to following through until she delivers greatness for the world to see.

Any woman who wants to deliver peak performance constantly must consciously ensure that she is not her own number one enemy. You should seek to get out of your own way as you must constantly ensure that you are not preventing your success. A detailed examination might reveal ways you have been preventing yourself from achieving your desired success. Perhaps certain beliefs have led to some self-limiting attitudes responsible for why you are not making as much money as you desire, why you are not getting the kind of promotion you deserve or why you are not dating or married to the type of man that you desire, or why your relationship with your children seems not to be going well. 

There could be many reasons you don’t get things done, some of which are outside your control. I agree with that, but instead of focusing on the things you can’t control, let us take some time to focus on the one barrier that you can control – your beliefs. 

In the next edition, we will delve into the seven self-limiting beliefs common with women and what you can do to live above them.

The Peak Performing Woman Project is our vehicle for driving the renewed commitment to empowering, engaging and recognising women in their quest for delivering excellence in a post-pandemic world. The project will equip women to deliver excellence as career professionals, entrepreneurs, social innovators, political office holders and in their personal lives. It will enable more women to live beyond misperceptions, stereotypes and misplaced emotions that could limit the God-given exceptional nature that is within the woman for the development of humanity.  

I believe any opportunity for improvement extended to any woman anywhere is an opportunity extended to every human being. Also, any opposition served by any woman based on her gender is an opposition served to every human being everywhere. And every contribution made to womanhood by anybody, anywhere, is a contribution made to the entire human race everywhere.

Join us on this journey.

About Dr. Abiola Salami
Dr. Abiola Salami is the Convener of Dr Abiola Salami International Leadership Bootcamp,The Peak Performer Recognition,The Peak Performing Woman of The Year and Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of The Peak PerformerTM. He is the Principal Performance Strategist at CHAMP – a full scale professional services firm trusted by high performing business leaders for providing Executive Coaching, Workforce Development & Advisory Services to improve performance. You can reach him on hello@abiolachamp.com and connect with him @abiolachamp on all social media platforms.

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