Remarkable: How Dr. Salami Is Inspiring Inclusion With IWD2024

Dr. Abiola Salami, a renowned Performance Strategist, has emphasised the importance of cultural orientation, inclusive laws, and investment in women and women-related causes during the Vanguard Woman International Women’s Day 2024 event in Lagos. 

With over 12 years of experience in driving inclusive performance culture in Africa, Dr Salami highlighted the significance of addressing cultural barriers to growth in organisations, families, and communities.

The event, organised by Vanguard Women’s desk as part of the 40th anniversary celebration themed “360 degrees: Health, Wealth, and Impact,” aimed to promote awareness and action towards empowering women and advancing gender equality.

Dr Salami said that organisations are inherently bound by their cultures, stating that they cannot surpass the limitations imposed by their cultural norms.

He highlighted the prevalent discrimination against women in many societies, attributing it to a lack of awareness and understanding. 

The FORBES Coaching Council member pointed out that when it becomes customary for women to be marginalised in leadership roles, this exclusionary culture becomes entrenched and self-perpetuating.

Dr. Salami underscored the necessity for proactive measures to address these constraints and promote gender equality and inclusivity. 

He cautioned against mere lip service, emphasising the importance of translating words into tangible actions. 

Additionally, he advocated for the enactment of more inclusive laws and urged for their resolute implementation, stressing the significance of moving beyond mere rhetoric to formalise intentions within organisations and nations.

As the publisher of The Peak Performer magazine, Dr. Salami criticised the prevalent practice of underinvesting in women due to entrenched beliefs, calling for a shift towards more equitable treatment and opportunities for women within various spheres of society.

Salami praised the 11 Nigerian banks with female CEOs, citing Dr. Adaora Umeoji of Zenith Bank as a recent addition. 

On her part, Mrs. Folashade Ambrose-Medebem, Lagos State Commissioner for Commerce, Cooperative, Trade and Investment, expressed gratitude to the newspaper for supporting women’s growth in society. 

She highlighted the ministry’s efforts to promote women’s inclusivity, emphasizing their commitment beyond International Women’s Day events. 

The ministry, in collaboration with the Women Entrepreneurs & Professional Development Network (WEPDN), is organising the Economic Inclusion of Women at the Grassroots event to empower women in business. 

The event was attended by notable women like Margaret Oguntala, the first female President of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, and Foluke Osafile, the sole female opposition lawmaker in the Lagos State House of Assembly.

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