Why You Should Invest Now

The best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago. But another best time to plant a tree is now.

The power of now will always outmatch and outrank the power of procrastination.

And just like you know that kicking the can down the road is the lazy man’s apology, then that should be the sole reason you should invest now.

Whether you are trying to invest in healthy living, relationships, family, exercise or even weight loss, the same strategy applies to all categories; start now and build from there.

When it comes to financial investment, there is no better time to start than now. In fact, studies have shown that putting aside a percentage of your monthly income and investing it gives one a long-term advantage.

Indeed, financial investment needs a lot of determination to begin and sustain. However, the benefits are boundless.

The following are some of the intelligent reasons you should begin your investment journey now:


An investment that is sustained over a long period of time is an investment that yields maximum returns.

There is a concept known as Compound Effect, and in simple terms, it means that a sustained activity in a long period of time has a ripple effect which can be positive or even negative.

But let’s look at the bright side. A positive activity sustained over a long period of time has multiplying effects that can be extraordinary.

If you start investing money in things like stock, bonds, real estate, index funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs), you have an opportunity to have returns that can sustain your lifestyle and enable you to be less of a burden when you are no longer able to work.


Investing early enables you to ultimately escape the rat race that so many people are into. 

When you start your investment journey, you have already started building a sustainable stream of income that will grow into a huge tree that will sustain you and even people around you.

If you inculcate the habit of setting aside 10 to 20 per cent of your monthly income, and invest them wisely, you will be setting yourself up for a resounding financial liberation.

While many others are complaining and clearly living above their means all in a bid to impress people, you will be building a strong financial foundation that will hold any financial infrastructure that will be added to it.


You will not be able to work forever, and that is exactly why you need to set out an investment plan that can support you when you are old and frail.

Gone are the days when people rely completely on their children for their sustenance and wellbeing.

These days, people make plans to train their children while they also invest.

The physical strength you have now will not always be there forever.

So instead of hoping for the goodwill and assistance of your children or relatives, it is far more honorable that you start your investment goals today.

Your children can grow and decide to move on with their lives. There are cases where your children don’t have the funds to even sustain you.

So instead of hoping that you will be well taken care of by others, try and set aside your funds that will grow over time and take care of you.

Investing now provides a soft landing in the future, and it’s something you should never take for granted.


Early investment assists in curtailing the way you spend money on frivolous things.

When you realize you have an investment portfolio to fund, it will make you question the things you spend money on.

Impulsive buying gradually disappears from your life because you have set a goal on where you want your portfolio or assets to be at a particular time.

The only thing you will spend on are the necessary things or in matters of emergency. Early investment helps you to be financially accountable and prudent.


Many people will keep hesitating about their investment plans until it is almost too late.

Your ability to start investing now will keep you ahead of the crowd. In fact, you will be making a quantum leap that many of your friends and colleagues will not be able to catch up with all due to the kind of financial decisions they made.

Being intentional about your finances is like going through the road not taken. It is a road that many people dread or procrastinate in taking action.

But then again, it is the road that bears huge rewards and stability.

In conclusion, you should note that the investment route is one that will benefit you in the long term.

It is also one that will help you take calculated risks and grow your financial intelligence.

To begin your investment journey, seek the counsel of a financial advisor, weigh the pathways that you can begin with.

Your investment journey starts now. All the best to you.

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