Wikipedian-in-residence Fellowships To Help Fight Climate Denialism In Africa

Code for Africa (CfA) is offering stipend-based fellowships to four African Wikipedians-in-Residence (WIR) to tackle climate change issues such as climate denialism or delayism and related mis/disinformation.

These part-time fellowships are part of the joint initiative between CfA and Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) to strengthen Wikipedia user-groups in key African countries and  reinforce their ability to peer-review climate-specific content.

We will award four 10-month long stipend-based fellowships to Wikipedians-in-Residence in Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, and South Africa.

The Wikipedians-in-Residence will be change-makers for growing the local community of volunteer Wikipedia editors and contributors, by organising events, facilitating technical training, marshalling resources and forging partnerships with climate research organisations.

The fellows will help pioneer new ways for the wider African Wikipedia community to mobilise and tackle issues such as climate denialism or delayism and related mis/disinformation.

The details of the fellowship are outlined as follows:

Complete this form to apply for the fellowship. Deadline for submission: 05 August 2022.

Number of awards: Up to four Fellows will be selected.Duration: 10 monthsAward amount: Each Fellow will receive a US $725/month stipend.Additional support: Fellows will receive hands-on technical training, followed by one-on-one mentorship, along with support from CfA’s PesaCheck fact-checkers and editors as well as, technologists, data analysts, and multimedia producers

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