How To Master High Quality Conversation

Communication is the language of leadership. Leaders use communication as a tool to give inspiration, comfort, direction, persuasion and correction. 

However, many Career Professionals and Entrepreneurs are unable to maximize their communication for impact. This is largely because they assume that:

1. Experience equates competence.

This is not necessarily accurate as our years of experience could mean we need to unlearn some communication practices.

2. Proficiency means competence and mastery.
Proficiency means one is able to perform a task or understand something, but perhaps with some struggle or room for improvement. To become competent is a step above that, and to achieve mastery is to reach a level of perfection. 

To make our communication productive, we must pay attention to our audience, timing, tone, prevailing conditions, content and context.

On Saturday 20th May 2023, we shall be treating Career Professionals and Entrepreneurs to a session on Mastering High Quality Conversations for High Quality Results. 

The session will provide insights on:

Session Topics

(1) How To Design Winning Proposals

(2) How To Use Tact & Assertiveness to Shut Doors Gently

(3) How To Deal with The Fear of Public Speaking & Deliver Outstanding Presentation 

(4) How To Deliver Sensitive Information When The Stakes Are High

(5) How To Listen More, Think Better and Win Inevitable Arguments

(6) How To Have Productive Conversations with Shy & Sensitive People

(7) How To Have Productive Conversations In A Complex Marketplace

You will also get:

A. High quality training materials

B. Intercontinental meals – tea break  & lunch

C. Access to engage with Dr. Abiola Salami 

D. Lifetime nuggets to attract over N100 Million within 18 months post-session. 

E. Discounted offer on TPP Woman of The Year in June 2023 & Dr. Abiola Salami International Leadership BootCamp in September 2023.

Registration Details

Registration Fee – N300,000.00 

Bank Details – AbiolaChamp Enterprises | StanbicIBTC | 0033726556

Send proof of payment to

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